RoninTape® Geta CrossFit Insole

CrossFit is a discipline that requires many different movements and postures during one training session so the insole is specifically designed to support the most important ones: weightlifting and running or plio movement. Additionally our insoles has a high arc support to help circulation and improve overall balance.

The material of the insole is high quality TPU GEL which helps absorb shocks and improve overall stability of the foot during jumps or weight receiving. Also during running or jumping the insole will absorb impacts that may lead to instability.

Insoles are made from quality and breathable lightweight fabric, PU layer, TPU arch support material. The fabrics will help the feet to stay dry, odorless and comfortable for a longer period.

Insoles arch support relieve heel or metatarsal pain from Plantar Fasciitis. It conforms to the curve of the foot bottom surface, has the function of arch support, fits the foot surface comfortably and helps you stand for a longer time.

Shock Absorption

High Elastic

Arch Support

Anti Fatigue

Flexible Size

If necessary
cut to fit

Cut along the contour that matches the original insole or use the size chart above as a guide. For best results, remove the existing insole and replace it with our insole with the logo facing upwards. We recommend replacing the insoles once a year or when signs of wear appear.

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