Have questions about orders?

Does the price shown include shipping?

No the shipping fees will be shown once the goods are added into the cart and the address is specified.

Is there a minimum order?

Tapes are always sold in multiples to ensure efficient delivery and the best shipping cost, the selectable units are therefore multiples of the Packs for each type of Tape.

Can I avoid paying the shipping costs?

A: At Ronintape we make sure to provide you with the best tape at the best price and by keeping it low we are unable to eliminate shipping costs except on large quantities (see directly discount in cart).

How long does it take for my shipment to arrive?

Usually within 5 working days from the confirmation of taking charge of the order but please check the tracking number that will be added in your details.

I have a problem with my order, what can I do? (order by mistake, return request, damaged arrival, etc.)

Contact us directly at support@ronintape.com and we will help you as soon as possible

Why did my order arrive in an Amazon box?

We use the Fulfillment by Amazon service for shipments to individuals via our site.

Why is the purchase price the same as Amazon's?

The displayed price is the same as Amazon's but on the RoninTape website you can enter Discount Codes assigned to Athletes to get a discount directly during the purchase phase.

Is it possible to pay cash on delivery?

All payment options are listed directly on the Checkout page.

I am a gym owner, how can we work together?

After registering it will be possible to request a further data verification to access our discounts dedicated to gyms and proceed with your purchases independently.

To request information, you can fill out the form on this page.

Do you have questions about tapes?

The Tape Katana goes away during training

To make the best use of the Tape Katana, we recommend that you follow the instructions on the package or on the website and watch the tutorial. It is essential during application to stretch it to the maximum and hold it tight for a few seconds.

The Tape Katana is cracking

To avoid the inconvenience of the Tape Katana that opens on the thumb, we recommend doing at least TWO turns of tape (about 15 cm required).

Is there a difference between the various colors of the Tape Katana?

No, all Tape Katana have the same properties even if being a base fabric some may seem "softer".

The Seppuku Tape comes loose during training

To make the best use of the Seppuku Tape, provide the same application instructions as the Katana but keep tight longer and more times after application to activate the anti-sweat glue which requires longer activation times.

Are the Tapes safe on the skin?

All of our products are hypoallergenic and tested therefore skin safe.

Is Tape Bushido good for CrossFit?

The Bushido Tape is designed to block movements as it is not elastic and therefore useful for bandages, we do not recommend its use for HookGrip.

Can the Tape be used in other sports?

Of course, all of our tapes are designed to ensure greater comfort and grip as well as protection in any circumstance (for water sports with minimal liquid contact we recommend the Seppuku tape, while for complete immersion we do not guarantee sealing).

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